Trans Activist Kidnaps, Tortures Hospital Worker

Hospital worker Darren Sheridan, who was just 19 years old at the time, endured a horrifying experience of being kidnapped, tortured, and left for dead by Alan Baker, now known as Sarah Jane Baker, a radical trans activist.

Recently, Baker made controversial remarks at a “Pride” event, where he stated, “I was gonna come here and be really fluffy and be really nice and say yeah be really lovely and queer and gay. Nah, if you see a TERF, punch them in the f—ing face.”

TERF, an acronym for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, is frequently used within the trans community as a derogatory term to label women who question or refuse to accept the inclusion of biological men in women’s spaces. Sheridan responded to the headlines, expressing his disagreement with Baker’s views.

He found it extreme to advocate violence and emphasized the need for respectful debate rather than threatening people. According to Sheridan, Baker’s encouragement to punch a TERF indicates his lingering anger issues and his potential for dangerous and violent behavior.

Sharing his traumatic experience, Sheridan recounted the horrors inflicted upon him by Baker. He was forcibly abducted at knifepoint and thrown into a van, unable to see his surroundings. In the van, he was subjected to beatings by Baker and his brother. H

They took him to a flat where he endured 12 hours of relentless torture at knifepoint. His captors openly discussed the possibility of killing him. “They made me eat cigarette butts and curry powder,” Sheridan disclosed.

Though years of therapy have helped Sheridan put most of the experience behind him, he was surprised to learn that Baker underwent a gender transition while in prison. Considering his newfound activism for the trans community, Sheridan expressed astonishment and wondered about his true priorities and real motivations behind the radicalism and anger.