Top Democrats Refusing to Commit to Their Own President in 2024

President Joe Biden does not have to look across the aisle to find support waning for his beleaguered presidency. His own rank and file are conspicuously silent when asked about their thoughts on his running for reelection in ‘24.

And now some have abandoned that silence to speak their minds.

One after another, party leaders are backing away from their president, mumbling platitudes about waiting and seeing what the future holds. In a marriage, this would be grounds for divorce.

In a June CNN interview, radical progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez backed away from endorsing Biden seeking reelection in 2024. And it’s not just the party’s more leftist wing that is shying away from anything resembling an endorsement.

A pair of New York House Democrats on Tuesday also demurred from saying that the president should hit the ground running for a second term. Both were speaking in a congressional primary debate in New York’s 12th district.

Rep. Jerry Nadler, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, was blunt in his answer that it is “too early to say.” He went on to declare that making that determination does the Democratic Party no good until after the dust settles on November’s midterms.

A very similar response to the question was given by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, who chairs the House Oversight Committee. But hers was even more specific when she declared, “I don’t believe he’s running for reelection.”

These are not random obscure representatives spouting an opinion to try to get on cable news. AOC, Nadler, and Maloney are all influential members of Congress whose voices carry considerable weight.

Just last month, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) told an interviewer that Biden should not run again to clear the way for “a new generation of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats.”

Leftists clearly are not happy with the horse they may be stuck with in the 2024 race. And while Biden at this point appears to be an easily defeated opponent if he seeks reelection, Democrats see this as well. Watching their internal battles will be interesting theater for the next two years.