Tight Control By Biden’s Handlers Raises Alarms About Presidential Fitness

An explosive report by the Wall Street Journal has revealed the extensive control exercised by President Joe Biden’s handlers over his schedule and interactions, amid mounting concerns about his cognitive health. This revelation comes as Biden faces increasing scrutiny following a series of public appearances where he appeared unwell or confused.

The report details how senior White House advisers have restricted Biden’s daily activities, minimizing impromptu interactions and limiting press engagements. Even during campaign events, questions from donors are pre-screened, highlighting the efforts to manage the president’s public image carefully.

A significant incident occurred in June 2022, during a visit to Germany. German officials, aware of Biden’s fatigue in the evenings, scheduled a confidential meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz in the early evening. Biden did not attend, sending Secretary of State Antony Blinken instead, who informed the surprised German delegation that the president had gone to bed.

This level of control has been a consistent pattern. In 2023, Biden skipped a NATO Summit dinner, with an official citing the need to prepare for a speech the following day. However, his schedule revealed that he had spent the preceding days in leisure, raising questions about the administration’s transparency.

Critics have long questioned Biden’s cognitive health, and this new report adds weight to those concerns. The president’s handlers have gone to great lengths to shield him from unscripted moments, further fueling doubts about his ability to govern effectively. The mainstream media, which once defended Biden vigorously, is now beginning to acknowledge these issues, suggesting a shift in the public narrative.