‘This Is Not Humanitarian’: Texas AG Details Tragic Costs Of Biden’s Border Policy

Amid a record-high number of illegal border crossings, an increasing number of Republican lawmakers are calling for the Biden administration to be held accountable for its lax immigration policies.

In a recent interview, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sounded off on the toll that increased illegal immigration has taken not only on American citizens, but the undocumented migrants that Democrats claim to be protecting.

He called it an “anti-humanitarian initiative,” noting that more than a dozen migrants have died while trying to cross the Rio Grande and enter the U.S.

Paxton continued: “We’ve lost people in trucks that are overheated. We’ve lost hundreds of migrants because they’re dehydrated. We’ve lost many of them because of crime and criminal activities by the cartels. And of course, we’ve lost Americans because of this.”

He elaborated on the impact of the drug trade across the U.S.-Mexico border, blaming it in large part for more than 100,000 drug overdoses in America.

“So lots of people are dying,” Paxton said. “The Biden administration knows this, and they are fine trading American lives and migrant lives. This is not humanitarian; this is a policy designed to accomplish a mission, which is to get more immigrants here.”

Referencing Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz’s recent acknowledgement that there is a serious crisis at the border, the attorney general said that the testimony was “the truth” and expressed hope that it would help effect change.

“I really appreciate that he let the American people in on the secret that Joe Biden doesn’t want the world to know, which is that his policies are doing great harm to the border,” Paxton said. “They’re doing great harm to my state, and they’re doing great harm to the American people.”

Ortiz testified under oath in July as part of a lawsuit that Florida’s attorney general filed against federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security.

During his deposition, the border chief said: “In my experience, we have seen increased [in illegal immigration] when there are no consequences.”

Asked for clarification, he went on to cite “an assumption that if migrant populations are told there is a potential that they may be released, that, yes, you can see increases.”