Things Continue To ‘Fall Apart’ In San Francisco

San Francisco has severe problems like countless other cities run by Democrat leaders.

One of the problems to make national headlines has been the meticulous robberies where individuals steal merchandise from various stores in bulk and then sell the stolen goods online to turn a profit.

During these robberies, it’s also not uncommon for store employees to be physically assaulted or put in danger. Amid these repeated thefts, some legislators have proposed bills that would make it more difficult for thieves to sell stolen products on the internet.

Robberies are far from the only problems San Francisco is facing. The city also has a problem with school boards pushing various left-wing agendas rather than focusing on children’s education.

Therefore, led to a situation where three San Francisco school board members were recalled from their posts. Democrat Mayor London Breed has weighed in on all of this.

During a Meet the Press interview, the San Francisco Mayor declared that her city’s school board became caught up with less important matters than children’s education. Breed also made it a point to declare that kids’ education is the “primary responsibility” of the school board.

The three San Francisco school board members who ended up being recalled faced this, with more than seven in ten voters supporting kicking them out. According to Mayor Breed, such support for the recalls indicate San Francisco ultimately failed children.

Later, the San Francisco Mayor told Meet the Press that parents’ interest in their children’s education should not be a partisan issue that pits Republicans against Democrats or vice versa.

Finally, Breed reiterated that the San Francisco school board got distracted and wound up paying the price for it.

Unfortunately, San Francisco is far from an outlier when it comes to school boards prioritizing leftist political agendas over the education of young people.

In light of the recalls in San Francisco, many Americans are hopeful that a message will be sent to other school boards embarking on similar paths. Parents have a say and a right to be involved in their children’s education.

School boards should be mindful of this, rather than just dismissing parents and expecting everyone to go along with a political agenda prioritized over children’s education.