Thiessen: Republicans ‘Would Be Insane’ To Battle Democrats On Debt Limit

Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen appeared on the Fox News show “Special Report” Thursday, arguing that it would not behoove House Republicans to argue with Democrats over the debt ceiling.

When speaking about allegedly strong GDP numbers, host Bret Baier said, “This kind of gives them a little boost. But there are warning signs still out there for some experts.”

Baier was citing data stating that the economy grew 2.9% last quarter.

Thiessen asserted, “I think they’re celebrating a little early and overselling the case. It’s progress, but it doesn’t mean the economy is strong. If you look at the polls, most Americans think the economy is doing poorly, and they blame Joe Biden, which is why it would be insane for the Republicans to pick a fight over the debt limit.”

“Some economists are predicting a recession later this year,” he said, before asking, “Why would Republicans want to take ownership of that away from Joe Biden? Why would they want to do anything to damage the U.S. economy when it’s weak and when the recovery is so tenuous?”

In Thiessen’s view, Republicans arguing with democrats on the debt ceiling will serve to grant “Biden a pretext to say that it is the Republicans’ fault.”

He also pointed out that Republicans have historically had poor electoral results after picking financial fights with Democrat presidents.

“The other thing is, Republicans, tend to lose elections after debt ceiling fights,” he added. “In 1995, they picked a fight with Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton won the reelection. In 2011, they picked a fight with Obama. Obama won the reelection. A debt ceiling fight would damage the economy and damage their chances of winning back the White House.”

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Thiessen has offered harsh criticism of the Republican Party before. After most of the 2022 midterms results came through, Thiessen said they are “a searing indictment” of the GOP and that it must launch “really deep introspection” as its performance has been “an absolute disaster.”