There’s A “Serious Problem” With Biden’s Nominees For Different Government Roles

As Biden was running to be President in 2020, he campaigned as a moderate Democrat. Biden also talked about working across the aisle and being a president for all Americans.

However, with all but one year into the Biden presidency, it couldn’t be more evident that he hasn’t lived up to these commitments. The 46th President continuously throws his weight behind policies as far removed from moderate as it gets.

Furthermore, Biden’s shut out working across the aisle with Republicans instead of trying to push through radical legislation with only votes from fellow Democrats. Finally, Biden is not the President for all Americans, seeing as he routinely attacks Americans who disagree with him.

With all that in mind, another severe problem with Biden is the nominees he keeps selecting for various positions in the United States government, as reported by Washington Free Beacon.

In 2021, Biden nominated communist Saule Omarova to serve as America’s Comptroller of the Currency. The 46th President remained committed to Omarova’s nomination, even when statements about her calling to bankrupt the energy sector and demolish private banking came out.

Eventually, moderate Democrats in Congress joined Republicans in refusing to vote for Omarova. It consequently led to Omarova stepping down as the nominee.

Biden nominated a brand new person for a specific role in the federal government. The nominee is Lael Brainard, and she’s up to serve as the vice-chair of the Federal Reserve.

However, while Brainard has a series of problems, one of the most pressing issues is her refusal to go on record stating whether or not she’s a capitalist or a socialist.

In 2019, when Brainard was testifying before the House Financial Services Committee, she was asked a straightforward question about whether or not she’s a capitalist or a socialist. Brainard couldn’t give a straight answer. She began to meander off, asserting she holds “well-regulated” views regarding the market.

When Brainard was asked yet again whether she’s a capitalist or socialist, she still didn’t give a direct answer. Like Omarova, Brainard should be disqualified from having any role in the federal government whatsoever, especially when it comes to central banking.

Americans need to understand this: Biden’s radical nominees picking to serve in our federal government is a true reflection of him. If the 46th President disagreed with the extreme views of the hard left, he wouldn’t keep putting them up to help lead our nation.

The onus now falls on Congress to reject Leal Brainard’s nominee and send her packing.