The White House Just Ensured Biden’s Demise

For the past year that Joe Biden’s been in office as the President, the White House has done everything possible to defend his image. At first, aides on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue didn’t even allow Biden to hold press conferences.

However, they were forced to relent on this eventually amid massive backlash from the media and the public. The White House then tried to keep the 46th President from embarrassing himself by providing flashcards and lists of reporters for Biden to call on.

The passing of time hasn’t done Biden or his White House any favors. The President truly dug himself into a hole when he spoke about Atlanta’s filibuster and so-called “voting rights.”

Biden arrogantly proclaimed that individuals who do not favor a filibuster takeover or a leftist takeover of US elections are racists. Amid massive criticism over these defamatory claims, a subsequent response from the White House has ensured Biden’s political demise, as covered by RedState.

During a Wednesday media briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was yet again questioned about Biden, claiming his political opponents are akin to segregationists and racists of the past.

Psaki made a grave error when she confirmed the 46th President “stands by” each statement he made in Atlanta. This divisive speech, along with the highlights from Psaki, will undoubtedly play a significant role in the November midterms.

It is especially problematic for Biden because he ran on a message of healing partisan divides and bringing the United States together once again. However, the remarks from Biden are as divisive as they get. Even some Democrats claimed that the President went a bridge too far in Atlanta.

Nevertheless, this confirmation from Psaki solidifies what so many conservatives and patriots have known about Joe Biden for a very long time. Despite Biden’s mask of being a good-hearted moderate Democrat, the true face behind that mask is one of extreme leftism and intolerance for any American who disagrees.

Jen Psaki’s assertion that Biden stands by comparing his political opponents to racists comes when he’s facing 33% approval in the polls.

Many Independents, swing voters, and other non-Democrats who voted for Biden did so because they believed he’d be a unifier and turn down the temperature. Wednesday, the White House’s remarks officially shatter that illusion, giving everyone in America a hard look at who Biden is.

There is no doubt that Americans will remember this in November when it’s time to vote in the midterms.