The Truckers Still Have ‘Options’ As Justin Trudeau Is ‘Getting Dangerous’

With their nonviolent convoy and ultimate descent on Ottawa, Canadian truckers have mobilized freedom-seekers around the Western world, all with the singular goal of removing Canada’s very onerous COVID regulations. It’s dangerous to report that Tucker is incorrect and that things are becoming quite dangerous for drivers. They still have alternatives, but things aren’t going well when people have to rely on the goodwill of a tyrant, his police state, and his military.

Moreover, Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, has refused to meet with truckers protesting requirements that ruin their livelihoods. Even while the Canadian and American media squawked about the horrors of purportedly “racist” truckers peacefully resisting requirements, the truckers controlled the story. Everything mentioned in the media was a falsehood. Trudeau refused to meet or even negotiate requirements, such as a firm deadline for all mandates throughout it all. Instead, he only slandered them. Now, with the help of Ontario’s Doug Ford, he’s ramping up the battle. They’ve barricaded an essential bridge between Canada and the United States, and he now wants to prevent them from driving across it.

If the demonstrators do not vacate the bridge over the Canadian-US border, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has threatened to bring in the army. If truckers don’t leave, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has threatened them with $100,000 in penalties, a year in prison, confiscating their vehicles, and the loss of their licenses. The phrase “everything is on the table” refers to the potential of using military force to compel truckers to shift their rigs.

The truckers count on the army not to turn against them and the cops not to side with the people. The truckers’ best alternative may be to return home and park their vehicles. They’ve captured their government’s attention and the rest of the globe. Now is the moment to demonstrate to its leaders that the country is powerless. It may be very optimistic to hope for a better conclusion than Tiananmen Square.

Therefore, In his first move as a dictator, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outlawed all semi-automatic weapons. A government that understands that its citizens are not sitting (and unarmed) ducks has a virtue. “Where the people fear the government, they have tyranny,” John Basil Barnhill declared in 1914.