The State Department Walks Back Biden’s “Genocide” Statement While Also Admitting We Can’t Trust Biden’s Words

Speaker of the House Jen Psaki used to have the hardest job in President Joe Biden’s administration, but it’s becoming clearer that anyone that’s not Biden has a really difficult job. Covering for false or irresponsible statements or trying to transcribe things that Biden says is getting more and more difficult as this presidency moves along.

Previously, Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was committing genocide and that didn’t go over very well. Just as many of Biden’s recent comments, the White House walked them back because they aren’t true.

When State Department Spokesperson Ned Price was drilled about Biden’s genocide comment, he had to walk that comment back as well. The comment wasn’t thought out and Putin’s actions don’t meet the definition of genocide.

Price said, “The president has not hesitated to draw attention to the horrific acts, the atrocities that Russia’s forces have been committing almost since the very first hours of Russia’s invasion.”

That comment alone doesn’t actually explain Biden’s comment and Price noted that the “task of international lawyers to determine whether what we’re seeing meets that legal threshold of genocide,” and “The president was basing his comments on the horrific atrocities that we’ve all seen in Mariupol, Bucha, Kharkiv, you could go on.”

Biden may have graduated toward the bottom of his class in law school, but he’s certainly not a lawyer, so he has no business making that determination for himself; especially when he can’t complete a sentence.

Price didn’t actually answer the question of if Biden’s genocide comment was a reflection of the State Department’s view, but seemed to imply that they’re seeking that answer.

Biden also walked back his comments and said, “We’ll let lawyers decide, internationally, whether or not it qualifies” and even walked that back by saying, “but it sure seems that way to me.”

Then, Biden said, “I called it genocide because it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out even the idea of being Ukrainian. The evidence is mounting.”

Biden and the State Department obviously see things differently and if Biden is walking back his statements, then Biden’s administration must not agree with him either.

Price then added, “It is much less important what you call it rather than how you respond to it.”

That’s extremely inaccurate. Each word has a different definition that requires a different response. If it’s a fist fight then no government intervention is required, while genocide or executions are going to have a different response. Then again, the State Department is simultaneously admitting that Biden can’t speak clearly or accurately.