The IRS Officially Makes A Fool Of Itself

For years now, it’s been very apparent that the IRS is far from a clean tax organization. After all, the IRS is the same entity that went after conservatives unfairly during the Obama administration’s time in power.

The consistently outright corruption coming from the IRS is a reason why so many conservatives have called for the IRS to be abolished altogether. Some alternatives to the IRS are a flat tax and other measures that eliminate bureaucracy inherently linked to this organization.

However, just as many Americans thought the IRS could not possibly reach any new lows, it managed to sink even further, as reported by PJ Media.

Although tax day is several months away, the IRS has still put out guidance on what income American citizens need to report when the time comes.

In this guidance, a specific section mentions “stolen property.” In this area, the IRS declares that individuals who acquire stolen goods report this income to the federal government.

However, there is an exception for reporting stolen property, contingent on the thieves returning what they took illegally before the year of the theft comes to a close.

It began making the rounds on social media, with many Americans questioning the validity of the viral screenshots. However, sure enough, when visiting the IRS’ official page, this segment on stolen property exists, along with the aforementioned guidelines.

Such a ridiculous segment has led to widespread mockery. Many social media users have pointed out that people looting retail establishments in San Francisco and other leftist cities are unlikely to admit this when they do their taxes.

The fact that the IRS saw nothing wrong or objectionable with putting out this sort of guidance is all the more reason why the country should seriously look into abolishing this body of the government.

What’s currently on the IRS website regarding stolen property reads like something that would be seen on Saturday Night Live or a South Park episode, not official guidance from the federal government.

If anything, this merely serves as a testament to the fact that folks running our nation’s government don’t have a clue as to what they are doing. We need better leadership in power, and we need it as quickly as possible.

Already, Biden’s trying to give the IRS more tools so they can conduct surveillance on Americans’ financial details.