The IRS is Spending Millions on Arming Staff

Over the years, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has consistently engaged in bad behavior, thus earning itself a negative reputation.

When the Obama administration was in power, the IRS shamelessly went after the Tea Party and other conservative groups. Even outside of politics, the IRS is also known to often target individuals who lack the resources to effectively push back.

Many everyday Americans and small businesses have suffered greatly as a result of this. In spite of all this, the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act gives the IRS billions in new capital.

This new capital is now being used for the agency to arm up its workers.

What Every American Should Know About the IRS
On the dime of the American taxpayer, the IRS is gleefully buying firearms, equipment generally reserved for the US military, and loads of ammunition.

Since the IRS doesn’t have the same job duties as the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, many Americans are curious to know why they need combat gear, ammunition, and firearms.

As it stands today, the official work of the IRS involves serving US taxpayers and assisting them in fulfilling their tax responsibilities.

Open the Books, a US watchdog organization, claims these new purchases by the IRS are designed to help a handful of “special agents” do their jobs.

The work of these agents is said to involve pushing back on attempts to cheat the federal government, run terrorist operations, or engage in narcotics-related, criminal endeavors.

A Bad Situation?
As the IRS gets loaded up with combat gear and advanced weaponry, many Americans believe they’re ultimately coming for everyday folks with all they’ve got.

Some Republicans, such as Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX), are therefore pursuing steps to find out exactly what’s happening with the IRS.

During a recent sit-down with Fox News, Cloud revealed that he wrote a letter to the IRS to learn why the agency is spending about $700,000 in US taxpayer funds to get guns, ammunition, and special protective equipment.

In noting the IRS’ negative history of going after Americans who primarily can’t fight back, the Texas Republican explained the newfound resources of the IRS can now be abused in terrible ways.

In a recent public statement through its commissioner, the IRS insisted that only the wealthy, large corporations, and others responsible for the “tax gap” will be more likely to face audits.