The Folly Of Radical Voters Remains On Full Show

It’s not a stretch to say leftist voters are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Time and time again, leftists show they do not understand or care about their harm when they elect Democrats into power. One only needs to go to New York or California to see when liberal politicians seize power.

The economy is one example of the lack of intelligence associated with leftist voters. Democrats constantly claim raising the minimum wage is the key to ending poverty. Yet, no matter how many times Republicans point out minimum wage hikes engender price hikes, leftists don’t get it. 

They still vote for Democrats, and then leftists wonder why everything seems to be getting more expensive after a minimum wage increase. However, after what America’s been forced to endure since January 20, 2021, it’s obvious the Joe Biden presidency is merely an offshoot of leftist voters’ idiocy, as American Thinker points out.

In a nutshell, leftist voters are entirely detached from reality. They raged about the “mean” tweets of Donald Trump yet remain silent about the series of crises Biden is subjecting the nation to.

Leftist voters scream that Republicans are fascists, but it is Democrats like Biden who are pushing sweeping COVID vaccine mandates and declaring anyone who refuses to obey should be doomed to joblessness. That is outright fascism. Leftists either don’t get it or don’t care. 

The former proves leftists are idiots; the latter would mean leftists are sociopaths. Either way, it goes. People who vote for Democrats are not thinking things through. They cannot look at various policy issues from an intellectual standpoint and understand what happens if certain things happen. 

The lack of ability to make these connections, by definition, makes leftist voters idiots who are detached from reality. 

Some Americans who did not vote for Biden (but are forced to live with the consequences of his presidency) have wondered whether or not a cure for leftist stupidity exists. 

The answer is maybe. Take a look at the outcome of the 2021 Virginia governor’s race. Virginia, a state that’s been blue for over one decade (and a state that Biden nailed in 2020), voted for Glenn Youngkin, a Republican. 

Statistically speaking, this means at least some of the folks in Virginia who voted for Biden last year also voted for Youngkin. Let’s hope the win of Youngkin signals a turning point from leftist idiocy in the United States.