The Governor of Michigan is Not Being Honest About Jobs

Since Joe Biden got into office, many Americans have found themselves losing out on jobs. This was first set into motion back in January 2021 when the Keystone XL pipeline was gutted, causing thousands of blue-collar workers to face unemployment.

From here, the dominos have continued to fall. Yet, Democrats across the nation are largely backing Biden, supporting him, and pushing left-wing policies in their own states.

Michigan is a prime example of this. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) is one of Biden’s top allies. Unfortunately, the data on jobs in her state reflects this.

Though, in spite of Michigan hemorrhaging jobs on Whitmer’s watch, she’s not being truthful about the matter, amid running for re-election.

The Truth About Jobs in Michigan
On multiple occasions, Whitmer’s stated that her leadership oversaw close to 25,000 automotive jobs with good salaries. Yet, unfortunately, this is not an accurate representation of Michigan’s economy.

The reality is that with the Democratic governor running Michigan, the state has actually lost thousands of automotive jobs.

Data from the Bureau of Labor confirms this. When Whitmer first came into office, 169,500 automotive jobs were on the books. Yet, since last month, only 166,700 automotive jobs exist.

Michigan Republicans aren’t pleased with Whitmer’s attempts at revisionist history. The state’s GOP has therefore corrected Whitmer’s untrue claims, pointing out her real record on jobs.

The communications director of Michigan Rising Action warns the Democratic governor is “gaslighting” the people of her state about automotive jobs. Meanwhile, Whitmer’s office claims that certain jobs she’s referenced have yet to fully materialize.

More Criticism Against the Michigan Governor
Whitmer’s being criticized for not only her poor record on jobs, but also her record on gas prices.

According to Michigan Republicans, a suspension of the state’s $0.27 gas tax would have provided relief to residents who are struggling to afford fuel. However, Whitmer took it upon herself to veto this proposal when it came across her desk.

The Michigan GOP continues to publicly point out issues with the Democratic governor’s policies, history, and claims about her work in office. The state’s Republicans are also working day and night to keep Whitmer from getting a second term.

Time will tell whether or not they ultimately succeed.