The “Fate Of America” May Ride On Decisions From The Supreme Court

Allowing political leaders to implement restrictions on Americans in the name of COVID has quite literally opened the gates of an inferno. Restrictions went from “15 days to slow the spread” to “get vaccinated, or you’ll lose your job.”

In some parts of America, people are not only losing their jobs over not getting the COVID vaccines but they’re also being segregated from society. It makes it no wonder that hordes of Americans fled blue states last year and moved to Republican-run states.

In any event, right now, the United States Supreme Court is overseeing legal arguments against the COVID vaccine mandates the Biden administration is implementing for healthcare workers and employees of big businesses.

As American Thinker points out, what the Supreme Court ultimately decides on these matters will severely impact the United States.

Judging from the deliberations from the Supreme Court thus far, it appears the body will move to strike down Biden’s OSHA mandate for businesses with 100 or more workers. However, the mandate for healthcare workers appears a little more up in the air.

The ideal outcome would be for the Supreme Court to strike down both mandates. Although, the defeat of the OSHA mandate would be a huge win for Americans.

It would show that Biden is not a king and does not get to force needles into the bodies of millions of Americans just because he feels the need to.

If the Supreme Court does not strike down at least one of these mandates, Democrats will feel vindicated and even more emboldened to push through vaccination mandates at the federal level.

Without intervention from the Supreme Court, it won’t be long before the left tries to mandate other vaccines and a series of medical procedures.

Towards the end of last year, Biden’s own White House chief of staff “liked” a tweet declaring the OSHA mandate sets a precedent for the federal government to implement more federal vaccine mandates.

It will not stop here unless the Supreme Court does the right thing and crushes COVID vaccine mandates for good.

Right now, the United States Supreme Court is under a conservative majority. It provides good reason for conservatives across the country to have a fair amount of hope, especially when compounded with what the conservative justices have said regarding Biden’s OSHA mandate.

However, this is a case that all Americans must keep their eyes on. Celebrations can come after the Supreme Court has made the right call and shut down this rise of medical authoritarianism.