The Exodus From Blue States Continues

At this point, the contrast between red and blue states could not be more pronounced. History is repeating itself as red states embrace freedom while blue states embrace slavery. 

Blue states have hitched their wagons to tyranny, extensive government control, and a lack of respect for the rights of individuals. Meanwhile, red states are steadfast in their commitments to freedom, limited government, and individual liberty. 

Look at Florida vs. New York. Let’s not forget Texas vs. California or South Dakota vs. Oregon. For the most part, folks in red and blue states will live in entirely different worlds in 2021. 

Now, the Next News Network has revealed additional insight into why a mass departure from blue states remains underway in America. 

During a recent speech, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis explained the mass departure from blue states very well. DeSantis noted that so many Americans are picking up and moving to red states because they want freedom, rather than an oppressive government controlling their every move.

The Florida governor said it boils down to much more than saving money on taxes. This mass exodus from leftist states deals with Americans escaping government restrictions, mass crime rates amid Democrats defunding the police, etc. 

DeSantis didn’t just stop there. The Florida governor rightfully called out that Democrats of today have wholly rejected freedom, the Constitution, and what the United States was founded upon. As DeSantis noted, this wasn’t always the case. However, today’s political left is now responsible for destroying the communities they firmly control. 

The Democrat Party has shown Americans who they indeed are and what they genuinely believe in. Democrats made it clear they don’t think businesses should run without the government butting in with excessive regulations that complicate things. 

As of late, the political left also revealed it doesn’t respect Americans’ right to privacy. It is evidenced by Biden and Pelosi pushing for a measure that would give the IRS free reign to spy on the bank accounts of American citizens. 

It is no wonder why people reject and leave these intensely blue states where Democrats have all the power. Despite what the political left may want, many Americans oppose living under socialist control and having their rights stripped away. 

It is why Americans will continue to leave blue states and reject the Democrat Party altogether.