The Epic Failure With Messaging On COVID Booster Shots

After nearly two years, many Americans have gotten tired of messaging so-called health officials regarding COVID.

Before the inception of coronavirus vaccines, medical “experts” declared the almighty vaccines were the key to getting back to normal. Yet, even with people vaccinated, cases, deaths, and hospitalizations still occurred.

Later, health officials modified their previous advice, declaring that vaccines were critical to stopping hospitalizations and deaths. However, even this has proven to be shaky at best.

Amid rising adverse reactions, health officials haven’t addressed these problems. Instead, they’re sticking with the same old lie, calling these vaccines “safe and effective” and counting on it sticking with enough repetition.

Amid the arrival of different COVID variants, Americans now hear that the almighty booster shots are the key to getting the virus and its variants under control. However, as National Review points out, there are some serious problems with this messaging.

Health officials have changed their minds so many times on COVID and COVID-related measures that it’s hard to keep up. However, it’s not hard to remember the massive inconsistencies from health officials and the government on coronavirus booster shots.

Earlier this year, Biden claimed everyone should get a booster shot to protect themselves and bring an end to COVID. However, the CDC and FDA walked this back, declaring only elderly folks and those with compromised immune systems should get booster shots.

Fast forward to now, and the messaging has once again shifted back to everyone needing to get a booster shot. The almighty Dr. Fauci has even professed that the “fully vaccinated” definition will soon be amended to people who have received their original COVID shots on top of boosters.

What many Americans have gathered from the goalpost moving and mixed messaging of the government and medical establishments is this: the so-called experts have no idea what they’re doing or talking about.

If anyone else in any other field repeatedly changed their stories on what was necessary to achieve a specific outcome, they’d be fired. Yet, the Biden administration and Anthony Fauci are merely content to tell Americans to “trust science.”

As of late, Fauci has even decided that he is the “representation” of science itself. More Americans are saying enough is enough and no longer playing this game for such reasons.

Until the government and medical community begin to acknowledge and deal with adverse reactions to COVID vaccines, they can expect the public’s trust in them to keep declining.

As long as the government and medical community keep moving the goalposts and changing their stories every other week, they can also expect rising numbers of Americans to tune them out entirely.