The Cancerous Nature Of The Biden Presidency

During the 2020 presidential election, President Trump and other Republicans continuously warned that dire consequences would ensue if Biden wormed his way into the White House.

Less than one year into Biden’s term, the nation sees this. However, even Americans who knew a “President Biden” would be a disaster are shocked by how quickly he managed to mess up so much of the nation.

Before hitting the one-year marker of his presidency, Biden managed to screw up the economy, energy independence, border security, and a host of other important matters. Likewise, the courts have had to step in multiple times to stop some of Biden’s worst and most illegal decisions.

Some examples of these decisions include forcing through COVID vaccine mandates, implementing a halt on oil and gas drilling on federal lands, and shutting down Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ program.

In light of all these details and much more, American Thinker points out the utter lack of confidence in Biden’s presidency.

The ultimate sign that Biden’s presidency is so cancerous is the current positions many Americans have found themselves in. In December 2020, more Americans were better off than they are today December 2021.

However, the nation needs to grasp what led us to this moment with such a mess of a president. For starters, the only reason Biden managed to get away with hiding in his basement during the 2020 presidential election was COVID.

Under any circumstances, Biden would not have been able to be so insulated from the public and still end up in the White House. Furthermore, because Biden was insulated and controlled with handlers surrounding him, Americans didn’t get to see the very worst of him.

At this point, it’s obvious Biden isn’t up for the job. Not only are his cognitive capabilities questionable, but the policy choices he’s making are not in keeping with America’s best interests.

At this time, Biden is in the Oval Office. The only constitutional paths for him to exit are impeachment, resignation, the 25th Amendment, and death.

Right now, if Biden’s evident decline progresses at its current rate, the likelihood of the nation being saddled with a “President Kamala Harris” until 2024 is very high. Although, judging from reports of tension between Biden and Harris, he may intentionally hang on just long enough so she doesn’t get to finish up his term.

No matter how things ultimately shake out, it’s going to be a fascinating next few years. All Americans should buckle their seatbelts and prepare themselves.