The Biden Administration Just Dig Itself Into A Deeper Hole

Watching the Biden Administration’s management of various situations has been a trainwreck to behold. It is mindblowing how this White House manages to be on the wrong side of every single issue.

They messed up America’s pullout from Afghanistan, thereby engendering the demise of 13 brave servicemembers while simultaneously causing the rise of a previously subdued terrorist organization.

Let’s not also forget about the southern border. Biden destroyed the immigration reforms Trump had in place. Now, illegal immigration is at an all-time high, along with drug inflow, human trafficking, and more. Texas has to build a border wall because the Biden administration won’t do its job.

There are countless other issues where Biden and his aides have made a mess of things. However, the White House’s latest remarks about Americans who have not taken the COVID vaccine indeed showed the depravity of this administration, as National Review points out.

The White House has tried every way possible to force this COVID vaccine on people. They tried fearmongering and lying, stating that getting the vaccine means you can’t acquire or spread the virus.

It is an outright lie, and even the CDC has conceded that vaccinated individuals can catch and spread COVID. Over this month alone, multiple vaccinated and boosted Democrats have caught the virus.

Next, the Biden Administration moved to threaten the jobs of unvaccinated people with mandates. These mandates have been met with massive backlash and lawsuits. At the rate things are going, the United States Supreme Court will ultimately decide whether or not these mandates can stand.

Yet, despite all this, there are still countless Americans refusing to take the COVID vaccine. Therefore, in the act of utter desperation, the Biden Administration has declared that unvaccinated individuals are facing “severe illness” along with “death” and the potential to clog up hospitals.

Remember, this rhetoric comes from the individual who vowed on the 2020 presidential campaign trail to “shut down” coronavirus. So much for that.

Since the aforementioned declaration about unvaccinated Americans, the Biden Administration has taken heat for trying to fearmonger and divide the nation. It’s become more than apparent that the White House will say and try anything to get this shot into people’s arms, whether they want it or not.

The moral of this story is that nothing to come from the 46th president or his administration should be taken at face value. They’ve lied about COVID, inflation, the COVID vaccines, and so much more. There’s no telling which stunts the White House may try to pull next.