The Biden Administration Is “Slowly Unraveling” The Democrat Party

During the 2020 presidential race, Democrats quite literally pulled out every stop to ensure that Joe Biden got into the White House. To this day, there are still ongoing debates about whether or not Biden genuinely won the election or managed to cheat his way into office.

Nevertheless, Democrats who fought for Biden getting into office thought it would be one of their most significant accomplishments as a party. Instead, though, the Biden Administration only ensures that Democrats spend at least the next generation losing one election after the next.

As reported by American Thinker, Biden’s latest appeals to ensure the filibuster’s demise have the precise opposite impact of what he intended.

During his most recent visit to Atlanta, Biden truly put his desperation to get the filibuster whacked on full display. The president declared that individuals who stand by the congressional procedure are akin to segregationists like George Wallace and Bull Conner.

These remarks were intended to shame dissenters into falling in line. However, this rhetoric reminded Democrats what a losing playing field matters like the filibuster and elections takeover bills have become.

In the days following Biden’s ridiculous statements in Atlanta, Democrat leaders in Congress convened with one another to discuss steps forward for their party.

These steps didn’t entail the filibuster but instead centered around policy matters such as boosting access to COVID testing, keeping schools open, tackling inflation, and more.

There seems to be a rising understanding amongst some Democrats that they’re beating a dead horse when it comes to the filibuster and passing bills that lack the required congressional support.

The unraveling of the Democratic Party results from its leadership, policies, and rhetoric. Just days ago, the Democratic Party of Michigan landed in hot water for telling parents that they aren’t “the clients” of public school systems. After getting panned on social media, Michigan Democrats later tried to walk this back.

Some Democrats may want to start focusing on issues of importance now. However, it’s not going to change the outcomes of the November midterms. Americans have seen their lives get worse and worse due to leftist leadership.

Although some Democrats are looking to change their narrative, there is still a plurality amongst the party that views ending the filibuster and taking over state-run elections as most important.

The leadership of the Biden Administration has Democrats in a proverbial freefall that won’t be going away anytime soon.