The Biden Administration Dealt Yet Another Setback By The Federal Appeals Court

In real-time, the United States is in the middle of fighting a historic, monumental battle. This battle is freedom vs. tyranny. That is what this ultimately boils down to, regardless of the reasons Democrats invoke to justify the tyranny they seek to inflict upon the nation. 

Throughout world history, every single tyrant has deluded themselves into believing they were doing what was best. Tyrants always fool themselves into thinking they’re acting on behalf of the “greater good” and that anyone who opposes them must be forced into submission or otherwise crushed. 

It is what the Democrat Party has become in 2021. It is why they’re pushing unscientific, tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates that are rooted in nothing other than the desire for control. 

It is why Joe Biden wants Americans to be fired for their jobs and barred from the workforce if they don’t take the COVID vaccine. Thankfully, however, Americans are fighting back, and it’s paying off, as Red State documents. 

Earlier this month, the Federal Court of Appeals dealt a blow to the Biden administration by slapping a halt on the president’s OSHA vaccine mandate. In implementing this halt, the court determined grave statutory and constitutional issues with this medical edict. 

Biden didn’t like that, though. Not only has his administration been pushing for businesses to force these mandates on their workers anyway, but the Biden administration also requested the Federal Appeals Court to do away with the halt. 

On Friday, the court promptly refused the Biden administration’s request to lift the halt. The Federal Appeals Court reaffirmed their hiatus, confirming the block of this mandate is in the public’s best interest. 

Republicans across the nation rejoiced over this decision, citing it as a win for businesses, individual freedom, and the right of Americans to make their own medical choices. 

The freedom vs. tyranny battle is far from over. However, the court’s ruling is undoubtedly good news, and it shows conservatives, business associations, and religious groups who have sued the Biden administration over this mandate are winning. 

America cannot set a precedent where the federal government has free reign to force needles into people’s bodies and threaten them with unemployment if they refuse. Patriots must continue to fight the good fight and ensure Biden’s tyrannical medical mandates are soundly defeated.