The Atlantic Under Fire For “Pandemic Amnesty” Op-ed

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many leaders — and some citizens themselves — were all too happy to throw freedom out the window.

This was more than apparent when government officials began issuing travel restrictions, lockdowns, forced business closures, and stay-at-home orders. Things got even worse when expectant fathers were forced out of delivery rooms and when elderly people were forced to die alone.

Then, COVID-19 vaccine passports were happily put into place by Democratic officials. In some communities, folks who could not show proof of being vaccinated against COVID-19 were banned from getting certain services or entering public spaces.

These measures did not defeat COVID as they were promised to do. However, they worsened mental health impacts and led to massive rises in societal ills.

Though if you let The Atlantic tell it, everyone should just forget about all of this and agree to a “pandemic amnesty” truce.

Not So Fast
In a new op-ed, The Atlantic makes the case that because COVID-19 was so new to everyone, those who put in place restrictive, oppressive measures should be forgiven.

However, these talking points are coming from the same publication that printed vicious claims about “unvaccinated people,” demonizing them for millions to read and internalize.

The Atlantic that now wants “pandemic amnesty” previously said people who did not take COVID-19 vaccines should lose their jobs and be unable to fly on commercial domestic flights.

Just earlier this year, this same publication also deemed unvaccinated Americans as acceptable tools for “human sacrifice.”

No Deal
Americans have read and responded to The Atlantic’s op-ed with a resounding no.

Many people in this country had their lives forever changed, thanks to the haphazard and ineffective measures put in place. Some business owners went under forever and lost the ways of life they had known for years or decades.

The restrictions put in place even adversely impacted young children in their formative years. Kids need to be able to socialize with their peers and read facial cues in order to develop emotionally and psychologically. They were robbed of these experiences, thanks to heavy-handed mandates.

All things considered, too much damage has been done by folks who did not care about stripping away rights once a new virus arrived. Therefore, no one should hold their breath waiting for “pandemic amnesty.”