Texas Governor Makes Huge Announcement On Southern Border Wall

This year, the condition of the US southern border has significantly deteriorated, following Joe Biden getting into the White House. Biden rolled back the constructive immigration policies that President Trump set up. Furthermore, Biden did not replace these policies with any constructive reforms of his own.

Therefore, the results have been mayhem, drug trafficking, illegal border crossings, human trafficking, etc. Border Patrol agents have been at their wit’s end as they do their best to contain what’s happening.

The Biden Administration has been repeatedly called upon to fix the southern border. However, they refuse. The onus falls on border states, such as Texas.

This week, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott shared an important announcement regarding developments on a southern border wall, per Twitchy.

On Wednesday, Governor Abbott announced that in light of the federal government’s refusal to fix the problems it caused on the southern border, Texas is stepping up to the plate. To revive law and order, the Lone Star State will be commencing the construction of its border wall very soon.

In further detail, Americans learned the building of this wall is going to start with 1.7 miles of a barrier on the border. The overall budget for wall construction will not supersede $162 million for eight miles. The eight miles of a wall will fill in open areas left by the federal government’s barrier.

Conservatives cheered Abbott on this week, stating that he’s doing what should’ve happened long ago. Other Americans questioned why the governor of Arizona is not taking similar measures, seeing as Arizona is another border state impacted by the plight of illegal immigration.

Already, the Texas Facilities Commission has been given the responsibility to make this wall a reality.

Texas’ wall will undoubtedly drive down the levels of illegal activities happening at the southern border. Furthermore, what the Lone Star State is doing will also make it easier for Border Patrol agents to do their jobs.

The mayhem at the southern border will be one of several critical issues that impact the 2022 midterm elections. Americans, especially those living in border states, won’t forget how Biden ripped away working immigration reforms and ensured chaos.

As president, Biden has a sworn obligation to enforce immigration laws, no matter how much his political party wants the border to be free. The 46th president’s refusal to uphold the land laws, mainly on immigration, is grounds for his impeachment and expulsion from the White House.