Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Endorses Trump For President

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) endorsed Donald Trump for president during Trump’s visit to a U.S.-Mexico border town. Though Abbott and Trump have sometimes failed to see eye to eye, Trump’s Sunday event in Texas saw them both agree on finding a solution at the southern border.

Trump and Abbott spoke in front of a crowd at an airport hangar in Edinburg, which is about 30 miles from the Hidalgo Port of Entry crossing with Mexico. The former president and the current Texas governor also served meals to National Guard soldiers and Texas troopers who would be stationed at the border during the Thanksgiving holidays.

Both Trump and Abbott have criticized President Joe Biden’s border security policies, claiming that, under him, the U.S. has “open borders.”

When talking with the soldiers and troops who are to spend the holidays at the border, Abbott blamed the current president, stating that they were only there because “we have a president of the United States of America who is not securing our border.”

“They should not be here at this time,” he said. “They should be at home.”

When officially and publicly endorsing former President Trump this weekend, Abbott said that Trump was the only option for Americans who wanted a safe border. “We need a president who’s going to secure the border,” he stated.

Abbott and Trump’s relationship has sometimes been fraught with tension. Just earlier this year, Trump insinuated that Abbott was “missing in action” during Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment by Republicans. However, the two have often been able to see eye to eye on border policies, something that appears to continue to be the case.

Trump said that he would make Abbott’s job “much easier” if he was reelected as president for a second term. He also stated that, if he was president, Abbott would finally have the time to focus on other situations in Texas.

Though Trump has often been very vocal about how he would handle the southern border, he didn’t explain any of these specific policies at this event with Abbott. Many Democrats and critics of the former president state that his new border policies are extreme.

Democrats have also insinuated that Abbott’s policies are extreme, particularly his recent backing of a Texas law that would allow police officers to arrest migrants they suspect entered the country illegally. This law would also allow judges to deport these migrants.

Critics of this law say that state governments do not have the right to make laws on immigration according to the Constitution.

However, Democrats themselves haven’t offered a better alternative to the current border situation. According to recent polls, a majority of Americans aren’t satisfied with how the Biden administration has handled these issues at the southern border.