Texas Democrats’ Argument Against School Choice Flailing

In America today, education is taking a front and center role in various political and cultural debates. This is seen when topics like appropriate school lessons for children, school choice, teachers’ unions, and the recent closures of schools come up.

Many Americans on the political right believe parents should have a central role in their kids’ education. This involves not just having a say in what their kids are learning in school, but also where their kids go to school.

This is a huge reason why school choice is so popular amongst conservatives; however, Democrats tend to oppose school choice for a multitude of reasons. More often than not, this pertains to their interest in keeping the teachers’ unions happy.

As many Americans know, teachers’ unions have deep ties to public school systems.

Nevertheless, Rep. Gene Wu (D-TX) recently made the case that poor children essentially shouldn’t have access to school choice. This is not going over so well for him after the fact.

A Series of Bad Takes on Education and School Choice
On Thursday, Wu tweeted out a series of posts that speak volumes about what he thinks of education and who should have access to the best of it.

The Texas Democrat conceded that he went to private school as a child and that his own children today attend private school. Yet, in the same breath, he argued against state funding for private schools.

According to Wu, private schools have “strict” standards of admission that children need to meet in order to get in. After making this point, the Texas Democrat questioned how children from poor families would have the capacity to meet these standards.

To this end, Texas GOP chairman Matt Rinaldi stepped in. He slammed Wu for happily sending his own kids to private school, while actively denying the same access to other children, notably those from less privileged backgrounds.

Wu’s response to this was to question if Rinaldi’s “public school education” stopped him from reading other tweets he made about education and school choice.

The Breakdown of the Public School System
Many parents today are not happy with public schools. They’re not pleased about gender identity, critical race theory, and other similar things being forced upon their very young kids.

This is a huge factor in the debate about school choice. Despite Wu’s talking points, there are many Americans across the country who would love for their children’s educational opportunities not to be limited to the public school system.

Unfortunately, this is a system that many Democrats and the teachers’ unions have vested interests in upholding.