‘Tent Cities’ May Be Here To Stay In Some US Cities

When communities embrace crime and shun law enforcement, it doesn’t take long for chaos to ensue. This reality continues to manifest time and time again.

There is no better example of this than the disasters occurring in Democratic-controlled areas of the country. Thanks to the war on cash bail, more criminals than ever are on the streets and bringing harm to innocent people.

Unfortunately, Democrats aren’t taking all this in and realizing they’ve seriously misstepped when it comes to public safety. There are still leftists demanding the defunding of police. Others continue to downplay the severity of crime rising across the nation.

But that’s not even the worst of it. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Democrats push for new legislation to codify homeless tent cities and bar legal action against them.

Democrats in Maryland are working to pass a bill that would impede police officers’ abilities to stop homeless tent encampments from being set up on public property.

Supporters of the bill maintain that no one should be stopping homeless individuals from setting up tents and sleeping bags on property belonging to the public.

Interestingly enough, this push comes as many other cities across the United States take the opposite actions. In Austin, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, etc., city councils are saying no deal to homeless encampments.

According to data from Maryland, at least 6,000 individuals throughout the state are without homes and living on the streets.

As Democrats work to make tent cities the new normal in Maryland, Republicans are eager to push back against such a disastrous agenda.

At this time, Maryland Republicans maintain that if Democrats get their way with the aforementioned proposal, crime and vagrancy will surge across the state.

Maryland GOP members likewise pointed out the years-long pattern of Democrats bending the knee to criminals in the state.

Unfortunately for Maryland, both the Senate and House are controlled by the Democrat Party. Therefore, there is a genuine chance of the left getting its way and making homeless encampments part of everyday life in Maryland.

Over the last few months, there has been an increase in a discussion concerning crime increases and their consequences for public safety in the United States. Judging from this latest proposal, it is very much apparent that Democrats have yet to learn their lesson.