Tensions Escalate Between Joe Manchin And The Democrat Party

The legislation known as Build Back Better is a nonstarter. At this time, at least 51 senators oppose the legislation, leaving a maximum of 49 in favor. It is not enough to pass the Build Back Better Act, and Democrats know it.

Since congressional Democrats have chosen to take radical policies and push them into law, they’ve been hard-pressed to get any Republicans on board. It is undoubtedly the case for the Build Back Better Act.

With all 50 Senate Republicans against the Build Back Better Act, Manchin torpedoed the legislation on Sunday. The West Virginia Democrat revealed to America that he would not be supporting Biden’s prized bill due to its impacts on the country, notably the economy.

It has engendered massive tensions between Manchin and the Democrat Party. Mainstream Democrats are attacking Manchin, accusing him of stiffing his constituents back home, and more.

Manchin isn’t taking the criticism lying down, though, as National Review points out.

During an appearance on a radio show based in West Virginia, Manchin stated that he would hope Democrats share his mindset of having social compassion, along with fiscal responsibility.

Manchin said that if Democrats do not have social compassion and fiscal responsibility, the party can “push” him in the direction they please. The interview got even more interesting, though.

He explained Senate Democrats behave as if they have a supermajority in the chamber and can pass whatever bills they want. The West Virginia lawmaker then noted the diversity in the Democrat Party. Manchin furthermore remarked that he is not a “Washington Democrat.”

Additional remarks from Manchin on the radio show suggest the White House had a role in the downfall of negotiations concerning Build Back Better. The Democrat lawmaker engaged in “absolutely inexcusable” behavior that they’re very much aware of.

Since Sunday, some public speculations have been that Manchin could wind up leaving the Democrat Party altogether. For instance, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell welcomed Manchin to join the GOP.

Additionally, there are reports that statements and conduct from the White House could incentivize Manchin to leave the Democrat Party and become an Independent. No one knows right now.

The West Virginia senator has not publicly spoken about leaving the Democrat Party to become an Independent or a Republican. However, time will determine what ultimately takes place.