Ted Cruz Gives Democrats A Lesson They Will Never Forget

While Joe Biden is idly twiddling his thumbs and figuratively playing checkers, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is playing chess. Putin is also becoming increasingly unstable and hostile as Ukraine manages to beat back various onslaughts from his troops.

Biden, for his part, is continuously boasting about the other sanctions the United States government has imposed upon Russia. The president would love for nothing more to believe that his supposedly almighty sanctions will show Putin once and for all.

The only thing that Biden’s sanctions have shown Putin is what a laughing stock America’s current leadership is. See, amid all the sanctions Biden boasts about, he’s still purchasing oil from Russia.

Likewise, both Biden and Democrats have refused to enforce sanctions against Russia that will genuinely make a difference. Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline is a very prevalent example and now both Biden and his congressional supporters are being called out by Sen. Ted Cruz, as Twitchy reveals.

Thus far, virtually every US sanction imposed upon Putin is one that he can efficiently workaround in one way or another.

It is why Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz urged quite some time ago for the United States government to issue sanctions on Putin’s prized Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Sanctions of this nature would have indeed hit Putin where it hurts, considering Russia’s extensive involvement in the oil business.

However, in another example of Biden’s complete submission to Putin, he refused to sanction the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Congressional Democrats even filibustered Cruz’s proposals for sanctions.

As the Republican senator points out, Biden’s refusal and Democrats’ filibuster against proposed Nord Stream 2 sanctions were about saving political face rather than making the most advisable foreign policy choices.

To this very day, Biden is keeping this unfortunate pattern going by still buying oil from Putin, refusing bipartisan recommendations of domestic energy production and even consulting with Iran about buying their oil.

The horrendous nature in which Biden’s chosen to deal with Russian aggression has shown America’s enemies all they need to know. The US enemies who feared Trump now openly mock Biden.

As long as America is saddled with a president who does not have our best interests at heart, problems will continue to arise. As long as we’re forced to deal with a commander in chief who cares more about appeasing US enemies than putting US interests first, the dangers of the world will continue to expand.