Swalwell Twitter Embarrassment

Representative Eric Swalwell doesn’t have the ability to keep his mouth shut and has, in the recent months and years, gotten himself in Twitter battles that he can’t win.

Richard Grenell, founder of Fix California, tweeted, “TED LIEu spent years delivering the Beijing line that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. China celebrated his lies. @tedlieu”

Grenell and Ted Lieu, California Congressman, have been going back and forth about the Hunter Biden laptop which Lieu said, “The fundamental problem with this preachy @nytopinion editorial is the assumption that there are both sides to everything. That is false.” Grenell responded, “Ted, you said Donald Trump was a Russian asset, Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation and that Jussie Smollet was telling the truth.”

In comes Swalwell.

Swalwell responded to Grenell’s first tweet listed above saying, “Hey @tedlieu, did you know @RichardGrenell used to hang out with Nazis when he was supposed to be representing us in Germany?”

That was the wrong response. Not only is it unacceptable to refer to someone as a Nazi, as you can tell by the upcoming lawsuits from Kyle Rittenhouse, but Swalwell and Lieu are both back several steps from being able to attack anyone’s character.

Just as a Twitter user responded, “Hey everyone? Did you know that Ted LIAR palled around with creepy freak killer Ed Buck who drugged, raped, and murdered black men? Eric and Teddy might want to sit this one out.”

The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Lieu with Ed Buck and Swalwell with “Fang-Fang,” a Chinese spy that Swalwell had a relationship with.

Even Lieu backed off and tried to get Swalwell to as well.

Lieu responded to Swalwell, “To be honest, I don’t really know much about Grennell. (I just view him as a boring internet troll). Do you have proof of this?” Lieu is clearly distancing himself from Swalwell and the comment he had just made.

Then Olivia Troye stepped in. Troye for the Former White House Homeland Security Advisor to Pence and replied, “I do. While in his role as Ambassador, Grennell tried to get Mike Pence to attend a white supremacist gathering during one of his overseas trips.”

Interesting, but is it true?

Grenell then responded to Troye, “Olivia won’t respond because she’s slandering me. I’ve forwarded her comment defaming me to expert defamation lawyers at #FightWithKash. It’s worthy to note her boss disagrees with her.”

The Democrat party is digging themselves a hole that they won’t be able to get out of. If they keep it up then the Democrat party will not exist in the future. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.