Swalwell Predicts ‘Legal Terrorist’ Trump Will Be Indicted

After countless investigations, multiple impeachment attempts, and endless speculation about former President Donald Trump’s alleged criminal behavior, leftist politicians are still clinging to the idea that he will ultimately face prosecution for some perceived misdeed.

Most recently, one of the most anti-Trump lawmakers in Congress predicted that an ongoing Department of Justice probe will ultimately lead to the former president’s indictment on contempt of court charges.

According to Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), Trump’s refusal to comply with a DOJ subpoena demanding that he turn over any classified documents in his possession could ultimately bring about his downfall.

Recent reports indicate federal prosecutors urged U.S. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell to hold either Trump or his office in contempt after determining that he had not been sufficiently cooperative.

Such claims were enough to convince Swalwell that Trump himself is likely to be the subject of a federal indictment — despite the fact that the California Democrat’s previous predictions about criminal charges against the former president have been wrong.

During an MSNBC appearance on MSNBC this week, he acknowledged that prior investigations have failed to result in any legal consequences for Trump but expressed optimism that this time would be different.

“Whatever you or your viewers may think about previous investigations into Donald Trump and the frustration that has come with those, this team is not screwing around,” Swalwell said. “I think that that reflects the gravity of what is at risk here with more documents being potentially in the hands of Donald Trump or his team.”

He asserted that the Justice Department is “serious” about rooting out any classified documents that might still be in Trump’s possession and is willing to keep fighting against his ostensible obstruction.

Going on to describe Trump as “a legal terrorist,” the congressman added he “has benefited for decades by delay, delay, delay.”

At this point, however, Swalwell determined that “there is really no right answer here for Donald Trump, suggesting that his “silence” on the matter is “essentially an admission that he still possesses these documents, which gives reason for the DOJ to proceed with this case.”

Trump reportedly responded to the subpoena earlier this year by tasking one of his attorneys to conduct another search for classified documents, turning at least two over to the FBI.