Stefanik Denies Trump Criticism In Fiery Fox News Exchange

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) clashed with Fox News anchor Shannon Bream on Sunday over allegations of her past criticism of former President Donald Trump. The contentious exchange centered on a New York Times article referencing purported remarks by Stefanik disparaging Trump’s treatment of women.

Bream’s questioning of Stefanik’s alleged comments from 2015, reported by The New York Times, sparked immediate pushback from the congresswoman. Stefanik the article as a “disgrace,” condemning the reliance on anonymous sources to substantiate claims against her character.

Despite Bream’s assertion that the article contained named sources, Stefanik stood her ground, asserting the accusations as false smears aimed at undermining her support for Trump. She reaffirmed her unwavering backing of the former president, highlighting her past defense of Trump against Democratic attacks during the 2016 election.

“No, no, Shannon, let me correct you,” Stefanik shot back. “Shannon, let me correct you. This is a false smear, and let me tell you, let me tell you a fact, Shannon. In 2016, I was attacked as the only elected Republican from the Northeast who voted for President Trump.

Democrats spent hundreds of thousands of dollars attacking me for that fact. So to say that I didn’t support him is just false.”

“I said the statement that the Democrats leaked out in 2016 that that was insulting.

However, Shannon, I stood by and supported him. And I strongly support him. And he has done so much to promote women in senior positions as well as promote women’s economic opportunity that we experienced under the four years of his administration. So I’ve been proud to support him. Uh, it’s a disgrace that you would take a New York Times article and just read negative quotes when the reality was, I was the only Republican elected woman from the Northeast who voted for him in 2016 who has strongly supported him and I’m proud to be one of his strongest allies today.”