State Troopers Fired over Vaccine Mandate Being Stripped of Firearms Rights

Law enforcement officers who were fired as Massachusetts State Troopers earlier this year for refusing to take the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are finding out the state has more punishment in mind for them beyond losing their employment.

The head of the state police force has issued an order revoking the former officers’ constitutional right to carry a firearm. He has threatened to imprison any who defy his order.

In all, 13 State Troopers were fired for refusing to accept the COVID-19 jab. Massachusetts State Police Colonel Christopher Mason has now written to them informing them that he has decided to strip them of rights protected by the Second Amendment.

Mason has ordered that officers who have been fired for refusing to obey the mandate will not be allowed to maintain their state License to Carry Firearms. He wrote that “effective July 6, 2022, your Massachusetts State Police issued License to Carry Firearms will be expired by the MSP and will not be renewed.”

Mason warned the fired troopers that they will no longer be permitted to possess “firearms, rifles, shotguns, machine guns, large capacity feeding devices, or ammunition.” He added that possession of a firearm or ammunition without a license is a criminal offense.

He warned that the only option available to the fired officers is to either transfer their weapons to someone who is licensed to possess them or “surrender them to a local police department.”

Every trooper who lost their job reportedly sought an exemption from the mandate laid down by left-leaning Republican Gov. Charlie Baker. All those applications were denied administratively, including those sought on religious grounds.

Baker’s mandate provided that government workers who disobey the order must face “progressive discipline up to and including termination.”

Mason went beyond the highest level of discipline unilaterally to punish the former troopers. Unlike most sheriffs around the nation who are elected by and responsible to local citizens, Mason was appointed to his position of power.

Baker is not running for re-election. Republicans in deep-blue Massachusetts have rallied behind pro-Trump and America First candidate Geoff Diehl, who won the GOP gubernatorial primary in the Bay State.