Stacey Abrams Channels Anti-Abortion MLK in Her Defense of Abortion

Stacey Abrams called on the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in a recent MSNBC interview to defend her “conversion” to staunch abortion advocate. Only she forgot to mention that MLK was far, far away from the pro-abortion leader she would cast him as.

Abrams, a.k.a. The Democrats’ Favorite Loser, told MSNBC that she is now an “unequivocal” supporter of abortion with “zeal.” She then added that MLK once said he is unable to “segregate his moral concerns.” As governor, Abrams declared, “I will not do that.”

You cannot find a single member of MLK’s leadership who sided with abortion advocates, though he and many others agreed with contraception. King was honored by Planned Parenthood for his support of birth control rights, but that support stopped far short of abortion.

The fact is, the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and 70s viewed abortion as genocide, a stance backed up by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. The figure who’s honored as a pioneer in “reproductive justice” advocated abortion as a way to weed out the “unfit.”

Abrams incurring the name of Rev. King is intellectually dishonest and does a disservice to his legacy of civil rights for all. Southern Christian Leadership Conference co-founder Dr. Ralph David Abernathy preached against abortion until his death.

In fact, the only King associate who switched to the pro-abortion position was the Rev. Jesse Jackson. This conversion came near the time of his seeking the Democratic nomination for president in the 1980s. Before this change of heart, Jackson likened abortion to slavery and equated defense of abortion to defense of slavery.

Speaking at the 1977 pro-Life March on Washington, Rev. Jackson said defenders of slavery point to “privacy” when they argued that the issue is not the concern of others. The minister chastised those who assert the right to privacy is higher than the right to life itself.

MLK’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, spoke at St. Paul of the Cross in Chicago in 2018 for a program entitled Civil Rights for the Unborn. She vehemently criticized the abortion industry for co-opting MLK’s mission and said “they are not telling the truth.” She told the gathering that, just as her “granddaddy had a dream,” she has a dream also. That dream, she said, has resulted in her being uninvited to speak at several ceremonies.

As Stacey Abrams and so many others charged this week, abortion will continue to be a dividing point and rallying cry for various factions. However, to invoke the names of respected religious leaders who would never support the indiscriminate practice it has become is both dishonest and dishonorable.