Small Businesses Take Another Blow Under Biden

Destructive policies blended with a delusional president are not a good mix for the United States of America. Yet, this is what the country is facing with Joe Biden in the White House.

Last week, Biden stood before the media and gave a speech that laid bare the extent of his delusions. The president professed his tenure as one about jobs and small businesses in America. In another remark (which would be laughable, if it wasn’t so untrue), Biden declared the economy is getting better on his watch.

Of course, these are all lies. Biden hurt jobs and small businesses with vaccine mandates and his support for more regulations and taxes. Even right now, the president is in the middle of pushing legislation by Congress that will hurt small businesses.

The economy is also not getting any better on Biden’s watch. It’s getting worse due to the supply chain crisis and shortages of labor. In fact, for these prime reasons, small businesses especially are taking some real hits, as the National Review details.

Delays in the supply chain make it harder for small businesses to keep their shelves stocked with merchandise. It is especially problematic when Americans shop to buy Christmas gifts for their loved ones during the holiday season.

It’s not just inventory issues that small businesses face. Labor shortages are also giving shops and other similar establishments a run for their money. With fewer hands on deck, workers currently on the beat are asked to put in more hours.

With Joe Biden in the White House, public safety has also taken a turn for the worst. It impacts small businesses. Many of these establishments are falling victim to looters, especially in places like California.

Supply chain issues, labor shortages, and crime are undoubtedly making times challenging for small businesses. Nevertheless, higher energy costs and inflation certainly aren’t doing these establishments any favor.

The United States is desperately in need of a change. While Biden is set to be in office until the 2024 election ends, this doesn’t mean he has to be able to get all of his agenda passed through.

It is what makes it so pressingly urgent for Republicans to win the midterm elections when November 2022 arrives. Small businesses are suffering because Democrats in Congress have passed Biden’s disastrous spending bills.

Republicans won’t make these mistakes. With checks and balances restored to the nation’s federal government, small businesses, along with the rest of the country, can at least begin the healing process.