Senate Democrats Remain In Disarray

Democrats in the United States Senate have some genuine problems. They are very likely to lose their majority, for starters, come this November.

This likelihood is evidenced by Biden’s net negative support ratings in 45 states across the nation. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats up for re-election in three different states are not in the most powerful positions. Republicans need to win at least one Senate seat to flip the majority red.

However, the approaching midterms aren’t the only thing plaguing Senate Democrats, as Newsmax points out. This group of lawmakers has been a mess ever since last month when Sen. Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, confirmed his refusal to get on board with the Build Back Better Act.

Senate Democrats are in desperation mode, as they’re trying anything and everything to get the Build Back Better bill passed into law. Leftists gravely fear that a failure to pass this legislation will have dire consequences for their party in November.

It explains why Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is crafting legislation to the tune of $1.7 trillion to get Manchin’s vote. Once the West Virginia senator announced in December that he wouldn’t be giving his vote in favor of Biden’s prized bill, Democrats made it clear they’d keep working on Manchin.

On Tuesday, Manchin is expected to partake in a caucus event centered around the Build Back Better Act. However, sources close to the West Virginia Democrat claim that his aforementioned objections to the legislation have not changed.

Democrats are therefore trying to compromise with Manchin. They’re pulling out all the stops to get a critical ‘yes’ vote to deliver this bill onto Biden’s desk to be signed into law.

The Build Back Better Act would send taxes and the national debt through the roof. Furthermore, it would give the IRS a first-hand look into Americans’ finances, amongst other things.

This bill should never see the light of day. So long as Manchin refuses to vote for this legislation, the country will be saved from another disaster.

However, the current situation with the Build Back Better Act is all the more reason why Republicans need to take back the Senate and the House.

While Manchin is far less dangerous than the radical, hardcore progressives, the fate of America shouldn’t rest in the hands of a Democrat, even if he’s not as bad as the others.

The ultimate test of whether or not America can be saved will come during November when Americans vote in the elections determining if Republicans take back Congress.