Senate Democrats Fail In Latest Power Grab Maneuver

For quite some time now, Democrats have made their greedy thirst for power very much apparent to the country. As soon as Democrats took control of Congress, they began freezing out Republicans and attempting to pass legislation based on party vote alone.

When the Supreme Court struck down Joe Biden’s unlawful COVID vaccine mandate, Democrats threw a temper tantrum and said the only viable path forward was stacking the Supreme Court with left-wing justices.

Since Democrats have hit a wall with legislation that would take over state-run elections, the radical elements of their party attempted to overthrow the filibuster in a convoluted way of further shuttering Republican lawmakers’ voices, seeing as the GOP is the current minority in Congress.

However, as covered by the National Review, this latest power grab stunt resulted in nothing more than utter failure.

On Wednesday, Democrats in the Senate held a vote on taking down the filibuster to pass so-called “voting rights” legislation. This vote did not achieve the desired outcome, as 52 senators voted to keep the filibuster in place, while only 48 voted to shred it.

The 52 senators include each GOP Senate, Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, moderate Democrats. Aside from Manchin and Sinema, every other Senate Democrat voted for a takedown of the filibuster.

Thanks to the bipartisan vote in favor of keeping the filibuster in place, radical Democrats failed to get their way. Even before the vote was held, both Sinema and Manchin made it clear they wouldn’t be voting to remove this critical senatorial procedure.

Both moderate Democrats conveyed that part of the federal government’s essential system of checks and balances includes the filibuster. Sinema explained in a congressional speech earlier this month that ripping down the filibuster would hurt American democracy.

Meanwhile, Manchin told reporters that the notion of breaking one rule to create another doesn’t make any sense.

Biden tweeted out on Wednesday night about his disappointment with the Senate’s results. The 46th President also declared that so long as his Administration is in office, he’ll continue working to fight for “democracy.”

The hard left was furious over their failed naked attempt at more power. Progressives slammed Sinema and Manchin, stating that they should be voted out, shamed, or even brought up on charges over their votes.

Republicans, meanwhile, congratulated Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin for doing the right thing.