Sen. Warren: All GOP Candidates Support ‘Hate And Lies’

Prominent Democrats have spent the nearly two years since the Jan. 6 riot on Capitol Hill castigating GOP supporters of President Donald Trump as insurrectionists who represent a threat to American democracy.

While most of these liberal politicians and pundits shy away from lumping all Republicans into that group, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) had no such reservations during a recent address to the far-left activist group MoveOn.

Instead of differentiating between different factions of the GOP, she declared that any candidate “taking money” from the party has automatically “bought in” to its supposed effort to destroy the nation’s system of government.

“The idea that there are people who are saying, ‘Well, but I’m just a moderate Republican,’ or ‘I don’t quite embrace that part,’ no, I’m sorry,” Warren stated. “When you put Republican next to your name and run for office when you take money from the Republican Party, then you’ve bought the whole ticket.”

Leaving no doubt about where she stands on the issue, she claimed that every Republican candidate has “bought into the insurrection on Jan. 6” as well as the so-called “big lie,” asserting that they inevitably alight with “the people who have made fomenting hate and lies as a part of how they try to control people in this country.”

Her remarks came as Election Day approached and, with it, the likelihood of widespread Republican victories in midterm races across the country. She was one of numerous high-profile Democrats making closing arguments in a last-ditch effort to rally voters in her party to the polls.

The final days of the campaign season even led to the first joint appearance by President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama, who teamed up to encourage voters to support Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate John Fetterman.

For his part, Obama described the election as “a choice between politicians who seem willing to say anything and do anything to get power, and people who see and care about you and share your values.”

Of course, his deeply partisan rhetoric seemed downright diplomatic compared to Warren, who asserted in her recent remarks to MoveOn that the Republican agenda “is what will take away our democracy if we don’t fight back.”