Seattle Mayor Works To ‘Distance’ The City From ‘Lawlessness’

In so many major cities, lawlessness is a genuine issue. It’s become so severe in certain places that companies are closing down, and residents are fleeing while they can.

Amid the growth in crime, many Democrats realize that defunding law enforcement and being associated with the movement to dismantle policing wasn’t such a good idea. It explains why so many cities try to get more police officers on the beat.

As National Review covers, Seattle, Washington is one prime example of a city now trying to walk back its anti-police sentiment in the wake of major crime upticks.

Bruce Harrell, the new Mayor of Seattle, has made it clear the city will do some things differently under his Administration than under his predecessor.

During a State of the City Address, Mayor Harrell declared that crime, business closures, disaffected residents, skyrocketing prices, and a host of other issues facing Seattle are unacceptable.

Some of the new Mayor’s solutions entail hiring more police officers and enforcing criminal penalties against individuals who break the law. Mayor Harrell clarified his view that police “reform” and public safety are not at inherent odds with one another.

He also warned that with the Seattle police force being where it is today, there aren’t enough officers on the beat to address calls about domestic violence, financial crimes, drug-related problems, and more.

Time will tell whether or not Mayor Harrell’s leadership leads to more change or more of the same. It’s easy to spout off talking points that sound good, but the execution is what counts at the end of the day.

The Seattle Mayor certainly has a lot on his plate. During the summer riots of 2020, many police officers left the force altogether. In and of itself played a role in the city’s crime rise and other aforementioned predicaments.

Other large cities in the United States are battling Seattle’s same way. They are experiencing the ramifications of what happens when police are underfunded and criminals are dealt with slaps on the wrist.

Mayor Harrell’s remarks about bringing more police officers on the beat in Seattle come as Democrats are trying to figure out where they stand on law enforcement. Some Democrats, like Biden and Pelosi, claim defunding law enforcement isn’t the view of the Democrat Party.

However, other Democrats like Reps. Cori Bush and Ilhan Omar stand by their calls to defund the police.