Russian Strikes Destroy Donated Military Equipment In Kiev

Russia claims its strikes destroyed T-72 tanks in Kiev that were donated by former Eastern European countries, but Ukraine has yet to verify the attacks.

NATO and its partners have been flooding the country with lethal aid and money to help resupply Ukraine fighters. Poland recently sent T-72 tanks because they were compatible with current Ukraine munitions. It is unclear if these tanks were destroyed in the air strikes.

The attacks were the first suffered by Kiev since April 28. The relative peace of the capital city has allowed a whole host of foreign diplomats and officials to make appearances with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

It has not been verified if the attacks were from aircraft or the various cruise missile platforms employed by Russia. What is known is that Russia has the capability to strike anywhere in the country, and beyond.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made veiled threats regarding the impending deployment of sophisticated long-range missiles from the United States. This could mean that Putin intends to attack the weapons while they are in the supply line, which could mean before they reach Ukrainian soil. The missiles were provided by the Biden administration only after Zelensky promised not to attack targets within Russia itself.

The Russians have made the attacks like the one in Kiev a priority, as they attempt to disrupt the resupply of Ukrainian units in the field. It doesn’t matter how brave Zelensky’s soldiers are if they cannot get arms and supplies.

Putin and his generals are concentrating on taking and holding territory in the east while destroying the supply chain. The bulk of the fighting in eastern Ukraine is in the two provinces of Luhansk and Donetsk, recognized by Russia as independent republics.

Supply chain attacks could have devastating consequences beyond the loss of material. The agency in charge of operating Ukraine’s nuclear power plant says the missiles used in the strike flew dangerously close to a live nuclear power plant.

There had been some sense of normalcy in the Ukrainian capital during recent weeks, but the recent attack has shattered that peace and brough the reality of war back to Kiev.