Russia Claims Downing Dozens Of Ukrainian Drones Near Moscow

Russian authorities disclosed on Sunday that Ukraine attempted an overnight drone attack on Moscow. This development followed Ukrainian officials reporting Russia’s most extensive drone assault on Kyiv since the commencement of the full-scale war in 2022.

Russian air defenses successfully intercepted and downed a minimum of 24 drones over the Moscow region, encompassing areas around the capital, as well as four other provinces to the south and west. This information was relayed in a series of Telegram updates by the Russian Defense Ministry and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, neither of which made any reference to casualties.

Andrei Vorobyev, the governor of the Moscow region, conveyed on Telegram that the drone attacks inflicted damage to three unspecified buildings in the region, emphasizing that no injuries were reported.

In the western Russian city of Tula, located approximately 113 miles south of Moscow, one drone crashed into a 12-story apartment block. The incident wounded one resident and caused limited damage.

Due to the drone attack, Moscow’s Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports experienced temporary closures; however, both airports resumed normal operations by 6 a.m. local time, according to information from international flight tracking portals.

Russian Telegram channels speculated that Ukrainian forces may have utilized a previously unseen type of drone in the alleged strike, highlighting certain similarities to the Iranian-made weapons that Moscow frequently employs in its attacks on Ukraine.

Since May, the Russian capital has faced consistent drone attacks.

As of late Sunday morning, Ukrainian officials had not acknowledged or commented on the strikes. These attacks occurred a day after Russia launched an assault on the Ukrainian capital using over 60 Shahed drones. The hours-long assault resulted in at least five civilians being wounded and caused damage to several buildings. Among the injured was an 11-year-old child, according to Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

On Sunday morning, the Ukrainian air force announced that it had successfully intercepted and downed eight out of nine Shahed drones launched overnight by Russian forces.

Additionally, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Sunday morning that two Soviet-made S-200 rockets fired by Kyiv were intercepted and shot down over the Sea of Azov, situated between Crimea and Ukraine’s Russian-occupied southeastern coast.

As reported by local news sources, air raid sirens were activated earlier in Russian-annexed Crimea, which experienced what Russian officials described as a significant drone attack on Friday.

As reported by the Ukrainian regional military command, Russian shelling resulted in the deaths of two civilians in the Donetsk region on both Saturday and overnight. During the same timeframe, Russian shells injured one person in Ukraine’s northern Sumy province, which shares a border with Russia.