RNC Chair Confident Ahead Of Contested Reelection Vote

Just as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) faced opposition from his own party in the wake of underwhelming GOP performances in last year’s midterm elections, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel drew similar criticism in her bid to secure a fourth term in the position.

Also like the House speaker, though, it appears that she will ultimately succeed in her quest for party power.

According to remarks to the Washington Examiner, McDaniel indicated that two-thirds of state GOP leaders had pledged their support for her, which is more than enough for her to clinch another term.

Two challengers — MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and California attorney Harmeet Dhillon — launched campaigns to unseat her, but she is confident that when the committee votes later this month, she will retain her title.

“The members of the RNC who are grassroots volunteers and are elected and really understand what the RNC does, I have the vast majority of support,” McDaniel said, referencing the written support of state committees across the country.

She did reference the criticism she has received from some in the RNC, however, sharing her belief that she does not bear the blame for the party’s lackluster midterm results.

“You need the road and the car to get to your destination,” she said. “We built the road. The candidates are the cars. And it takes both — and I’m not candidate bashing.”

McDaniel went on to note that “the voters” are responsible for selecting candidates, who in turn craft their own messages during the campaign.

“But if you look at what the RNC is responsible for, which is turning out the vote, 3 million more Republicans turned out than Democrats,” she concluded.

As for why she thinks she believes “continuity in a chairmanship” is an important concept, McDaniel used a different metaphor.

“You don’t turn over the reins of a billion-dollar corporation every two years and have success,” she said.

According to an internal RNC email, the two days prior to the committee’s Jan. 27 annual meeting will be set aside for the candidates to make their cases. Although the RNC will provide a “podium and microphone,” candidates will not be able to use “audiovisual or electronic equipment” during their allotted time.

“The distribution of materials, however, will be permitted,” the email noted.