RFK Jr. Leaving Democrats To Run As Independent?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose last name is synonymous with Democratic legacy and political lineage, is building suspense around a “major announcement” to be made in Philadelphia on October 9. The news is causing ripples through both major political parties and is raising speculation about his political alignment ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Although he has been running to date as a Democratic presidential candidate, he has been candid about his disapproval of his lifelong party’s ways, explicitly criticizing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Joe Biden’s campaign for their intertwined strategies and alleged disregard for neutrality.

“The DNC and the Joe Biden campaign have essentially merged into one unit,” Kennedy stated, claiming the fusion violated the DNC’s charter and bylaws that promise neutrality. This comes in a political climate already surcharged with President Donald Trump leading the GOP primary field with expectations he will return for a third general presidential election.

Rumors are swirling around Kennedy’s potential shift to an independent candidacy, with multiple reports suggesting he feels cornered by the DNC’s manipulative alteration of rules to sideline his campaign. “Bobby feels that the DNC is changing the rules to exclude his candidacy so an independent run is the only way to go,” a source from the Kennedy campaign mentioned, aligning with reports from Mediaite.

Kennedy’s announcement is purported to address “our path to the White House and how we can all participate in healing our nation,” as mentioned in his video posted on social media. But it is his open critique of “corruption” within “both parties” and his call for a rewrite of the “habits of American politics” that raises eyebrows and intrigues political analysts about his forthcoming declaration. “How are we going to win against the established Washington interests?” he queries, his rhetoric pointing toward a potentially disruptive approach to current political norms.

RFK Jr.’s anticipated move raises questions about its impact on the electoral arithmetic, with him polling at around 15% in the Democratic primary polls against Biden’s 65%, according to RealClearPolitics.

Kennedy’s independent run could significantly reshape the presidential race. It could potentially split Democratic votes, having implications for both Biden and Trump, fueling debates on whether Kennedy’s move is more detrimental to the incumbent or the 45th President.

His anticipated deviation from the party also reflects a larger narrative of internal party conflict and divergence from established party ideologies. It’s a testament to the growing disenchantment within party ranks. It could signify a shift in voter allegiance, possibly restructuring party ideals and values.

American Values 2024, a super PAC endorsing Kennedy, has been evaluating his potential as a three-way candidate against Biden and Trump, demonstrating the strategic calculus around his prospective independent candidacy. Kennedy’s perceived alignment with Libertarian viewpoints and his meeting with Libertarian Party Chair Angela McCardle, although noncommittal, also hints at an evolving political paradigm.

While Kennedy has been vocal about his disillusionment with party leadership, emphasizing how it has compromised democratic principles and censored political opposition, his potential declaration on October 9 could be a pivotal moment, possibly redefining his political trajectory and the 2024 election.