Republicans Block Liz Cheney, Democrats’ Plan To Divide GOP

Republicans are uniting in defiance of efforts by so-called Republican Rep. Liz Cheney (WY) and elitist Democrats to divide the GOP.

Cheney and Democrats have worked in concert with the liberal media to push a false narrative that the Republican Party is divided between MAGA Republicans and more moderate Republicans, but polls continue to demonstrate that the American people are not falling for it.

In fact, consolidating their power is a major reason the Republican party has succeeded.

In Ohio, Sens. Tim Scott (R-SC), Tom Cotton (R-AK), and Ted Cruz (R-TX) helped campaign for the Trump-backed Republican candidate for governor J.D. Vance. Similarly, Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) and a host of other Republicans pounded the pavement in Georgia in support of Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker.

Cheney and Democrats were surely horrified to see that newly elected Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) announced support for Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake (R). The two politicians came together in Arizona for a string of recent campaign events for Lake.

Last week, Youngkin emphasized the importance of standing united as the Republican Party.

“One of the challenges that we’re seeing right now is that as a Republican Party, we’ve got to come together as opposed to apart,” Youngkin said. “And when we’re together, we win.”

“And this is a chance for us to come together,” he continued. “Republicans don’t agree on everything. But I’m telling you: we agree on so much.”

While Cheney and President Joe Biden spew rhetoric about Trump supporters being a “threat to democracy,” the liberal media works overtime to advocate Democrat talking points.

Host Jonathan Karl recently interviewed Lake and baited her by asking questions about “election deniers.” Lake stood strong.

“I know you guys want to act like the Republican Party is fractured, it is not,” Lake replied.

When asked about attempts to divide the Republican Party by Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Lake stressed that Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) needs to pay attention to the needs of the American people.

“I think Mitch McConnell needs to wake up and realize that the Republican Party is about we, the people,” Lake responded. “It’s not about political elites like Mitch in D.C.”

“He’s got to start representing the people,” Lake declared. “And we’re going to actually strengthen this party, Maria.”

It appears that the only thing Republicans are divided over is their support for Cheney.