Republican Senators Release More Documents Showing Biden Family Chinese Deals

Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) released additional documents on Monday that provide evidence of Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s extensive business dealings with companies working for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and other dangerous regimes.

Grassley said in his address from the Senate floor that the new records support the findings in the reports he and Johnson made to Congress in 2020. He noted that the investigation was “smeared” at the time by Democrats and the corporate media in order to provide cover for Biden’s presidential campaign.

In his speech, Johnson said that additional blame should be assigned to the former intelligence officials who signed the letter he described as a “sham” that claimed the Hunter Biden laptop was nothing more than planted “Russian disinformation.” He said that the officials caused much greater election interference than Russia could have dreamed about.

The senators provided evidence that CEFC, a Chinese company controlled by the CCP, channeled millions of dollars to Hunter Biden to offer legal services to Dr. Patrick Ho Chi-Ping, described as the Chinese “spy chief.” The same month the money was sent to Hunter Biden’s firm, Ho was arrested for bribery and corruption.

Hunter Biden and James Biden together received around $4.8 million from CEFC between August 2017 and September 2018. The two Bidens also profited from other deals with CCP oligarchs and operated companies that paid out significant funds to businesses connected to communist regimes.

Hunter Biden owned Hudson West Three in 2017, a time when James was a director for that company. The company paid $100,000 To Hunter and $65,000 to James on a monthly basis according to their agreements with the company. The payments were made possible because of a $5 million wire to the company from Northern International, a company with deep connections to the CCP and CEFC.

The senators disclosed receipts from April 2018 showing Hudson West Three wired large sums to Coldharbour Capital, another firm with strong connections to the CCP.

Grassley and Johnson also presented bank and credit card records from September 2017 showing that Hunter and James went on a “$99,000 global spending spree” funded by Gongwen Dong, a Chinese associate of Hunter’s.

Grassley said that the newly disclosed records remove any doubt that Hunter and James were financially connected to firms directly linked to the CCP. He added that the records prove the Bidens worked together to help a CCP-linked energy company pursue international deals allowing it to expand its reach into the global market.

The two senators said that despite the overwhelming evidence of the connections between the Biden family and the CCP, the White House has “been totally unresponsive to our oversight requests.”