Report: BLM Activist’s PAC Buys Outrageously Expensive Family Dog

Controversial Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King brought home a new family pet — a $40,000 award-winning mastiff paid for by his progressive PAC.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but this is going to be a tough sell for the rank and file.

King founded Grassroots Law PAC to support the election of progressive officials who are notoriously soft on crime. The organization paid over $40,000 in two payments in December and February to Potrero Performance Dogs in California labeled as “contractor services.”

It is unclear who actually did the “contracting,” though King stated that the new dog would provide the family with “alertness and protection.” That along with being a high-priced pet.

After the Feb. payment, King posted on social media that his family welcomed “a new member” named Marz. The dog turned out to have “too much energy” and was returned, according to the Monday report.

Marz has since been promoted by Potero Performance Dogs for taking Best in Show at a recent American Kennel Club event.

While not being accused of illegal activity with the purchase of the dog through the PAC, critics say it is far from a good look. Capital Research Center’s Scott Walter noted the expenditure “showed little respect for King’s donors.”

CRC investigates left-wing groups that are often given a free pass by the mainstream media. Particularly the finances that allow a $10,000 payment followed by a $30,650 payment two months later for a family pet.

Since 2021, Grassroots Law PAC has contributed about $56,000 for radical political candidates. And of course, $40,650 for a dog.

This is hardly a first for King, who faced scrutiny even within the ranks of leftists organizations. The mother of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, an Ohio youth killed by police, accused the activist of “robbing” her by holding fundraisers in her son’s name without her approval.

For a man who attracts controversy, Shaun King is remarkably blind to the terrible optics of spending donor money on a pet. On the positive side, it was money that did not go towards another disastrous progressive “public servant.”