Record Numbers Of Migrant Got-Aways Under Biden Administration

A recent media report reveals that nearly 194,000 migrants have crossed the U.S. southwest border undetected this fiscal year. Known as “got-aways,” these individuals entered the country without screening or identification, posing significant challenges to border security.

According to CBP data reviewed by Fox News’ Bill Melugin and Breitbart Texas, these got-aways were recorded over the first eight and a half months of Fiscal Year 2024, averaging 500 per day in the past week. High-level sources within CBP have confirmed these figures.

The El Paso Sector reported the highest number of got-aways, with approximately 62,000 migrants evading capture, particularly in the Santa Teresa, New Mexico area. The Tucson Sector follows closely with over 54,000 got-aways. These numbers are in addition to the 180,723 apprehensions in El Paso and 373,220 in Tucson, highlighting the scale of the issue.

Since President Biden assumed office in January 2021, CBP has recorded over 1.8 million known got-aways. These figures represent migrants observed crossing the border but not apprehended due to various factors, including limited resources and overwhelming numbers.

The term “got-aways” refers to migrants seen crossing but not detained, those detected by surveillance equipment, and individuals in larger groups where only some were apprehended.

This ongoing issue underscores the challenges faced by border security personnel and the effectiveness of current policies. Critics argue that the Biden administration’s approach has worsened the situation, while proponents call for comprehensive immigration reform to address underlying causes.

The persistent high numbers of got-aways highlight the need for a robust and effective border security strategy to manage and mitigate illegal crossings, ensuring both national security and humanitarian considerations are addressed.