Recent ABC News Poll Takes Biden To The Woodshed

Joe Biden appears to be in a state of genuine delusion regarding his leaders as President of the United States.

In a press conference a little over a week ago, Biden proclaimed “outperforming” as President. At the same time, he made this claim, and polls show that significant percentages of Americans don’t want Biden to run for re-election, don’t believe he’s focusing enough attention on inflation, etc.

During the 46th President’s media conference in January, he also made it a point to announce that he doesn’t believe the polls are indicating rampant disapproval of his presidency.

However, no matter how much Biden may want the negative polls to disappear, they’re just going to keep coming. A new poll by ABC News/Ipsos has taken Biden to the woodshed once more, as covered by RedState.

According to ABC News/Ipsos, a grand 75% of Americans believe the economy is in conditions they described as “poor” or not so good. Only 1% of US voters described the current state of the economy as “excellent.” Another 23% said the present economy is in “good” shape.

All in all, 69% of the country does not approve of how Biden’s chosen to handle America’s economy.

Recently, the 46th President went on record stating that he’d nominate a black woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court, following Justice Breyer’s impending retirement.

76% of the public declared that Biden should consider all options rather than limiting his potential nominees to black women. Only 23% of the country agreed with Biden’s approach.

The President’s ratings when it comes to foreign policy are also terrible. ABC News/Ipsos reported 38% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s choice to send US troops to Eastern Europe. Only 29% of Americans approve of the President’s decision in this regard.

Finally, on matters dealing with crime, gun violence, and immigration, more than six in ten Americans stated they disliked Biden’s approach.

When Biden declared in January that he was “outperforming” as the President, what he really should have done was admit that he’s underperforming.

From a purely logical standpoint, there’s no way anyone can look at the President’s poll numbers and say that he’s doing a good job.

Even folks who would typically be on Biden’s side, such as the left-wing hosts of mainstream media networks, have been forced to admit the letdowns of Biden’s leadership.