Rand Paul: Biden’s Mixed Signals Are National Security Risk

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) appeared on the Monday broadcast of “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Fox News and warned that Joe Biden’s misstatements of official U.S. foreign and military policy are creating international tensions and could present risks to our national security.

Biden said during a press conference earlier on Monday that he stood by his comments while in Europe over the weekend.

Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” while visiting the region of the conflict. He later claimed that U.S. foreign policy is not directed toward regime change in Russia.

In a message directed at Vladimir Putin, Biden told American troops that they are “going to see” certain things when they get “there.” He said they would see women and young people standing in front of tanks, saying, “I’m not leaving; I’m holding my ground.” There is no reasonable interpretation of Biden’s comments that could indicate he was talking about something troops would see outside of the war zone.

Sen. Paul told Watters that he would not use that kind of language because he would “continue to hold discussions” with Putin. He added that he believes most members of Congress are not interested in a policy aimed at regime change, but are interested in restoring peace to Ukraine.

He said that it is not unusual to find yourself trying to help someone “in cognitive decline” finish their sentences, but that should never happen with the nation’s commander-in-chief. Paul added that sending mixed signals about military objectives to Russia, China and our allies presents a national security risk.

He said that having Biden make incorrect statements about using chemical weapons and deploying troops is dangerous. And having the White House correct those statements, only to have Biden later reaffirm what he said in the first place, leads to a serious risk of misinterpretation.

In response to Biden’s aggressive comments, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday that it remains his country’s hope to “stop the war that Russia has launched without escalation.”

Paul also said that Biden appears to be in an “alternate universe” where he can make a clear statement and then claim that the media and the public have somehow misunderstood what he says.

On Tuesday, Paul told Newsmax that Biden’s statements that are untrue are also “alarmingly provocative.” He said that an incorrect message that the U.S. is seeking regime change could easily lead to an escalation of the war and might lead an “irrational opponent” to respond in a way that could quickly take things out of control.

Paul said he believes the White House should avoid letting Biden speak his mind at all costs, as he is “not sure his mind is all there.”