Radical Abortion Advocates Plan to Target Churches on Mother’s Day

Following the leak this week of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court indicating a reversal of Roe v. Wade could be coming soon, radical pro-abortion activists have already begun ramping up protests. Some are reportedly planning to target Catholic Churches on Mother’s Day because of the Church’s pro-life beliefs.

The weekend protests would follow a week full of organizing protests in front of the Supreme Court building that led the Washington Police to erect a security fence to protect the building and those working inside. Police have also stepped up security at every justice’s home this week.

The abortion advocacy group Ruth Sent Us wrote a post on Twitter addressed to anyone opposed to “six extemist Catholics” who are poised to vote to overturn Roe. The group called on protesters to “stand at or in a local Catholic Church Sun May 8.”

Another activist group, Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights has announced a “week of action” beginning with “Actions Outside of Churches” on Mother’s Day. The group is calling for activism in several cities on Sunday that will include wearing Handmaid’s Tale costumes, handing out flyers to churchgoers, and doing “die-ins.”

The Handmaid’s Tale costumes have become symbolic of the progressive left’s hatred for traditional American culture and allude to the regime of ritualized rape and forced motherhood in the dystopic novel.

A group of vandals attacked a Boulder, Colorado, church on Wednesday defacing the church building “bans off our bodies,” “my body my choice,” and other graffiti.

Catholic Vote president Brian Burch condemned the planned Mother’s Day protests and asked Joe Biden to condemn what the Catholic advocacy group describes as “domestic terrorist threats.”

Burch declared in a statement that the Catholic but aggressively pro-abortion president must “immediately and forcibly condemn” the threats. He wrote “anti-Catholic zealots” are planning on actions designed to harass and intimidate Catholics around the country on the day set aside to celebrate motherhood.

Describing the violence earlier in the week at Boulder, Burch said the current threats follow a record number of attacks on Catholic churches and symbols over the last two years.

Burch also stated that Attorney General Merric Garland must declare the planned protests could violate the criminal provisions of the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

When asked about the propriety of protesting at the private homes of the justices, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki only said that Biden shares in the “concerns and horror” of the people who she said are scared and outraged by the prospect of a possible reversal of Roe.