Psaki Makes Her Most Embarrassing Spin Yet

It is par for the course for White House press secretary Jen Psaki to try to spin facts to favor the Biden Administration. Psaki’s done this repeatedly, such as when she faulted corporate suppliers, rather than the federal government’s spending levels, for the inflation crisis.

Psaki has no problems telling outright falsehoods and still expects to be taken seriously. She has lied about the supply chain crisis, the Biden Administration’s stance on COVID vaccines, and many other issues.

However, the White House press secretary’s remarks about Biden supposedly “saving” the Christmas holiday mark a new low, even for her, as Twitchy points out.

Earlier in the week, Psaki took to Twitter, declaring that Joe Biden is responsible for shelves being stocked at a rate of 90%. During a press conference, Psaki made similar claims, professing that the 46th president employed various means of fixing struggles with the supply chain.

Meanwhile, people living in the real world called out the White House press secretary for making such demonstrably untrue statements. For starters, Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, and other goods are still tough to come upon.

Businesses are still being hit very hard by the supply chain crisis. It is why housing projects are being delayed. It’s also why prices are rising in grocery stores struggling to keep merchandise on their shelves.

These latest claims from the White House press secretary are the worst spin ever because they fly in the face of reality. Within 48 hours of Psaki declaring that Biden “saved Christmas,” the White House was promising death and “severe illness” to a sizable percentage of the United States.

The job of the White House press secretary is supposed to be keeping Americans up to date on the president’s agenda, what’s happening in the White House, current events, etc.

Psaki has lost all credibility because she throws out pro-Biden propaganda instead of sharing the facts. The White House press secretary repeatedly proves she has zero fidelity to honesty, and the same goes for other members of the Biden Administration.

The Biden Administration cannot have it both ways. They can’t claim the president is the savior of the Christmas holiday as people are still struggling to purchase goods and supplies.

As long as Psaki and other members of the Biden White House continue to spew outright lies, their credibility will go further down the drain. Not a single person in America should take these people seriously.